General Terms and Conditions of Olivier Beekman

Registration / Enrollment

  • Registration / EnrollmentRegistration for a trial lesson is completed by submitting the trial lesson form.

  • By deciding to participate in the lessons, you also declare your agreement with the general terms and conditions of Olivier Beekman

  • Children and young people under 18 years of age must be enrolled by parents/guardians.

  • Changes in names and/or addresses must be communicated in writing.


  • Payment of the tuition fee must be made in cash or by invoice before the lesson.

  • If the tuition fee is paid in a lump sum, it must be settled within 14 days of receiving the invoice, stating the invoice number, to account number: NL06 ABNA 0869 9899 60.

  • In case of payment arrears, Olivier Beekman may decide not to allow the student to participate in the lessons; however, the payment obligation remains.

llness or Absence

  • In the event of the teacher's unavailability, they are entitled to reschedule or refund the lessons.

  • If the student is unable to attend, the teacher is not obligated to make up for missed lessons.

  • In case of prolonged illness of the student (with a doctor's certificate), the lessons will be suspended or refunded for a mutually agreed-upon period.


  • Olivier Beekman is not liable for theft, loss, exchange, or embezzlement of items brought by the student.

  • Olivier Beekman accepts no liability for expenses incurred by the students due to injury, accident, or damage during their stay at the lesson location.